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The Knowledge Of His Glory – An Exhortation from Jesus

By TurtleDove aka Michelle Katherine Orts June 2nd 2021 5:12 AMCDT #USA #GlobalChurch #Remnant #Prophecy #Discernment Exhortation for The Remnant Church, Rhema Word given to Michelle Katherine Orts from Our Loving Shepherd Jesus Dear Church, We are not to despise prophecy or in any way harm God’s True Prophets or Prophetesses. Each Child of GodContinue reading “The Knowledge Of His Glory – An Exhortation from Jesus”

Global War, Gold and Global Famine

Prophetic Dream to me from Jesus_ 8:40PM CDT_Wednesday, May.26th, 2021 Received by Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove I heard The Lord Jesus say to me, “My ear hears the heartbeat of a war and its global.”-Jesus The Lord of Hosts and The Lion of Judah. GLOBAL WAR. I dreamed much in a very deep sleepContinue reading “Global War, Gold and Global Famine”