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Jesus Told me to, “Tell USA!”

by Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove

Original Prophetic Word was received from Jesus to me over ten years ago in a dream. I have previously shared the substance of this Prophetic Word to USA broadly via Twitter and Facebook and in person whenever led to. I have newly Published this May 26th and May 27th 2021.

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Before Jesus returns, The Anti-Christ will be announced. Openly, the false Messiah, the insufficient and fraudulent replacement for Jesus, will arrive on the global stage and will be proclaimed to all mankind as “The Answer” or as “The Solution.”

Jesus appeared and told me that I was mandated to share this with USA, “Obama’s family is fake. Obama’s marriage is a sham. And Barack Obama is The Anti-Christ spoken of in the Bible.”-Jesus to His Daughter, Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove

God told me, over 10 years ago now, to tell USA what to expect regarding the identity of The Anti-Christ.

The True Savior, Jesus, God in the flesh, appeared to me at the end of a very vivid dream in which the Anti-Christ had appeared to me. The Anti-Christ was shown clearly and definitely to be Barack Hussein Obama. Barack suddenly appeared standing in my house* (Interpretation: The Church=My House) uninvited while I was giving a Bible study. Obama stood first in the dining room (Interpretation: Rooms represent different parts or denominations of The Church Body) where everyone had been seated around the table. The Anti-Christ Obama made everyone scatter and flee in fear. (Interpretation:The Corporate Worship of Creator God will become outlawed and house churches will have to go underground or behind private closed doors for fear of persecution by The Anti-Christ.) In this dream, the previously well lit and colorful setting, left in the presence of this evil man who was both human and demonic beast.

Suddenly everything turned pale and grey, muted and colorless. I was now alone with the Anti-Christ. The Holy Spirit was still with me telling me what to do. Holy Spirit warned me to not let the children return to jump and play on the bed in the master bedroom because Satan had done something to make it unsafe for children to be in there. (Interpretation:Pregnant and nursing mothers will be very vulnerable to the Anti-Christ’s attacks.)

I was now very afraid because there he was, the evil false messiah, satan incarnate, was standing in front of me with pure evil in his eyes.

Obama walked from room to room claiming the house was his. (Interpretation:Desolation of abomination is Satan Incarnate in the body of The Anti-Christ, Barack Obama, falsely declaring himself to be “God” in The Church (House), standing in The Holy Temple (The Body of Christ) and falsely declaring the Church belongs to him and not to Jesus.)

In the kitchen there was to be a final showdown. The brilliant color returned to my surroundings as I said, standing toe to toe with Obama by the unction of The Holy Spirit, Christ in me The Hope of Glory speaking through me, “This is my house, not yours. This is my kitchen. This is not yours.” I began to pray in tongues in the Power of The Holy Spirit. Obama, being now completely possessed by Satan Lucifer Apollyon, began to mock me and prayed in false tongues. (Interpretation: False Signs and Wonders will be performed by Satan and his false prophet the Black Pope by Fallen Angel and alien demonic entities.)

The evil was palpable penetrating from Obama’s eyes attempting to pierce into mine. I then repeatedly, loudly, declared and plead the Blood of Jesus upon myself (Interpretation: I represented the Remnant Church and those who may be attacked, martyred or spared and hidden by Holy Angels of God or by Jesus Himself) and declared Victory by The Blood of Jesus. It was then that Jesus appeared and told me that I was mandated to share this with USA, “Obama’s family is fake. Obama’s marriage is a sham. And Barack Obama is The Anti-Christ spoken of in the Bible.”Jesus

I was shown even more regarding Martyrdom of The Saints but I will leave it for another time. Sometime soon I will share more as led by Jesus’ Holy Spirit, with you my Forever Family, The Endtime Remnant. We are told to remain standing even if all we can do is to stand. We must stand for Jesus sharing The Gospel not denying His Name no matter what it may cost us.

Excerpted from Signature Signs – Satan’s Attempt To Silo and Silence God’s Servants

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Published by Michelle Katherine Orts

Singer/Songwriter Prophetic Dreamer Visionary Scribe Minister for The Lord Jesus Christ The King of Kings. Wife. Mom. Researcher and Lifelong Student of all things True, Good, Beautiful, Holy and Honorable. Jesus Holy Spirit is my Teacher. I like to create and grow: music, food, love, joy, health, wealth. I have a wide variety of unusual interests from studying biology, pathology, theology and bio-nanotechnology to learning how to grow trees from seed.

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