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Signature Signs – Satan’s Attempt To Silo and Silence God’s Servants

By Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove
A prophetic endtime Revelation, a dream and true life testimony of trials and understanding given to King Jesus’ Daughter Michelle Katherine Orts by Jesus’ Holy Spirit for the Endtime Global Church Remnant. Published today 8:45AM CDT #USA May 26th 2021 on the day of May 26th 2021 SuperBloodMoon Total Lunar Eclipse

Today is Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 and the entire world is about to witness the magnified Glory of God rising up within His Remnant. As it was in Noah’s Day, so shall it be now, in these last days. The Glory of God will cover the seas as the water covered the seas in Noah’s Day during The Flood.

There were Fallen Angels in those same days when Noah lived on earth. The Fallen Ones were procreating with women creating demonic human alien hybrids which grew to become the Giants of old which were genetically 1/2 human and 1/2 Fallen Angel, these were The Nephilim.

The same thing is happening now. The demonic fallen angels are attempting to pollute human DNA by injecting their alien fallen angel DNA into as many humans that they can deceive. Alien human hybrids are bring bred in labs, in surrogate human mothers in and on earth right now.

It all sounds like science fiction but it is scientific fact. God’s Creation is being manipulated with and by The Fallen Ones.

Every living person on earth will, very soon, witness the Glory Cloud, The Holy Fire of God, Signs and Wonders, Miracles, Salvation, Deliverance and Supernatural Healing and even the resurrection of the dead, These miracles, signs and wonders will all Testify and Glorify Jesus Christ as Lord. Pray for Jesus’ Holy Spirit to give all of God’s Remnant Holy discernment, confirmation and clarification regarding all things. Remember Satan comes as an angel of light and he imitates the true Signs and Wonders of God.

Always test the spirit of the person or messenger to find out if their spirit acknowledges Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and evaluate what that person is saying. Ask yourself, does their message bring Glory, Honor and bring us closer to Jesus? Compare their message to the scriptures. Does it line up with the Word of God? If yes, then listen attentively giving thanks to God in Jesus’ Mighty Name above all names. Seek the Lord Jesus now, while there is still time before there is no more daylight to work by.

Time is very short. God has shown me that we are now in Daniels Week, the final 7 years. The Great Tribulation will occur within close proximation of the next 3 and 1/2 year mark on God’s appointed timeline from now.

Today is May 26th, 2021. Creator God has ordained His Creation to reveal His Holy Timing. The Sun, The Moon will align with earth in announcing His End Time Glory is arriving HERE right NOW!

Satan has attempted to silence and to separate Christ Jesus’ Servants from one another by masking them, muting them, muffling them and manipulating them by using a manufactured global pandemic as cover. The SARS2 Coronavirus is very real and can be very deadly. Yet we place our trust in God and not in masks. We seek honest and valid instruction from Jesus’ Holy Spirit in how to prevent, protect and treat ourselves and others with common sense treatments not by untested, incredibly dangerous and infectious injections of vector and aborted baby blood and tissue based pathogenic primers mingled with alien species, gain of function added, mycoplasma and other demonic bio nano technology.

We who are Servants of The Most High God will not be siloed or silenced. If we do not Praise God then the very rocks will cry out!

We The People, who love God, are those rocks, living rocks. Jesus is The Chief Rock, the Cornerstone. And just like David flung the stone from the slingshot to defeat Goliath the Giant Nephilim, so shall God use each one of His Living Stones to defeat the Darkness and all Demons which are arriving upon the earth to cause mass deception, destruction and death. Mankind is finding itself to be in the middle of a global “reset” and a grand deception will ensue upon all mankind, There will appear strange and fearful creatures, aliens who will pretend to be angelic saviors of mankind and will lie and say they are our creators. Many will be deceived by these demonic fallen angel aliens and by their demonic, human-hybrid offspring, who will perform false signs and wonders seeking worship of The Anti-Christ and Beast System denying Jesus as Lord God in the flesh.

Trust only in Jesus Who suffered, bled and died for you rising again from the dead after three days and three nights in Hell. Jesus rose again conquering death and hell and every evil thing. Jesus brings Life. The False Messiah will pretend to be Jesus. How will you know the difference? Jesus said that He will return AFTER the tribulation of those days and that everyone would see His Return in The Sky in The clouds as the lightning shoots across the sky. Satan will force compliance to take his mark, or the number of his name and will mandate that every person worship him as “God” under penalty of beheading if one refuses.

Do not submit to Satan. Ever. Instead trust in Jesus The One True Triune Creator God in the flesh.

If you are saved already. Are you Baptized in The Power of Jesus’ Holy Spirit? You will need to be in order to remain strong in The Power of Jesus’ Holy Spirit. The battle belongs to The Lord!

We fight by The Spirit of Our Holy Father God by the Power of The Holy Spirit in The Might of Jesus Who is God in the flesh.

Darkness must flee NOW in the Presence of Jesus and His Servants filled by Jesus, empowered by Jesus, saved, sanctified and sealed, anointed and appointed to serve Almighty God. God will finish what He has begun in every child of God’s life. Creator God Jesus is Faithful. Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Jesus The Messiah will fuflfill every Promise and Plan in each Believer’s heart according to the Perfect and Pleasing Will of Father God. No matter what happens, no matter the delay, God will accomplish His Divine Plans for and through His People. We, who trust, listen and obey our Good Shepherd are His People. We are His.

I am thinking back to April 4th, 2021.

It was Easter Eve. And on one of the holiest nights on the Christian calendar, and also amid the week of Passover, Pesach week in the Hebrew calendar, I found myself banished permanently from Facebook’s platform. I had created a new account listed on as MichelleOrts.7 less than six months ago after being locked out of my old account for over 2 years. As a former professional musician/artist agent, professional singer, vocal/piano teacher and background actress, I had accumulated several hundred followers and thousands of “friends.”

Similarly, on Twitter’s platform, my mainstream public digital identity has been censored, suppressed and ultimately, finally deleted, My twitter account had been permanently suspended without recourse. I was effectively banished from community interaction, out of sight, shadowbanned forever from public view. All my personal, yet publicly voiced opinions and my briefly stated but deeply held personal convictions, have all been silenced and hidden from anyone’s recollection to be remembered no more!

Before President Donald JOHN Trump became the legitimate, lawful appointed and anointed by Creator God Jesus 45th United States President, he had RT’d me a few times. The most significant tweet he RT’d and quoted me on pertained to Iran. It was 2015. I had said in a tweet to @realDonaldTrump “We must never let Iran’s chants “death to USA” become a reality.”-@michellemeyer10 was my account then and Donald Trump had kindly quoted me. I was flattered and felt honored to have my twitter account RT’d by someone so successful and respected. God had graciously allowed me to develop a following of over 15,000 people. It became especially fruitful after marrying my husband Reverend David A. Orts in 2012 @DaveOrts @DavidOrts. David had a Radio Show, a Podcast called PushBackNow. His handle on local radio is “Digital Dave.” David was often asked if he was a professor and so his twitter persona became known as @DrDaveOrts on Twitter. Two of our media ministry sites were @pushbacknow and @WWBroadcasters and I became known on twitter by my fellow “tweeps” as @MichelleKOrts10 I also began to co-host PushBackNow with David at his invitation. We had fun and we both worked hard! We could both see the dangers looming in the distance regarding encroaching Socialism and Satanic Tyranny. PushBackNow was created by David to fight against the tide of tyranny. #PushBackNow’s videos can still be found on YouTube. God willing we will be adding to them soon.

All of our, David’s and mine, Conservative Christian social media ministry accounts, as well as our entire radio podcast archive has somehow been deleted by unknown actors, who are evidently and apparently set against Freedom for Conservative Christian, Pro Faith in Creator God Jesus, Americans and dead set against Freedom loving citizens everywhere.

Those persons who have chosen to align themselves as anti-Freedom are anti-God. Those who choose darkness over light, evil over Good and those who desire to destroy Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness, are Lost Souls. They have already lost the final war.

I value my God given, natural born Gift, of being born in America. I was taught how rare, how incredibly wonderful it is, to be FREE as an American citizen and as a Child of God adopted in Christ Jesus’ Royal Family! I was also fortunate as well, to have been taught true history about how Our Founders fought, bled and died, so that you and I, our children and grandchildren, would know and would experience for ourselves what True Freedom is.

We must never let Satan’s seed steal our God given nation or our Promised Eternal Heritage as Children of God away from us! USA was dedicated to Creator God Jesus. We, The Remnant of Christ in Jesus, are comprised of The Eagle (USA & Jerusalem) as well as inter-connected to The Lion (UK & Tribe of Ephraim) and The Lion Cub. (Canada & The Tribe of Judah) and we all are grafted onto the One True Vine of Israel. We all belong to The Lamb of God Yeshua Who is The only One Worthy to open up the scrolls in the Book of Revelation as The Lion of Judah and The Sinless Blameless Holy Perfect Lamb of God Who died for us before the Foundations of the world were created! Jesus knew us, loved us and died for us before we were ever born! Only Jesus has the right to wipe out all of our transgressions. Only Jesus, our Defender, Savior, Vindicator, Redeemer and God in the tent of human flesh, can write down our names in His Book, In God’s Book, The Lamb’s Book of Life. We must remember that our names can be blotted out of that same Book. We must do as Apostle Paul did, and walk out our Salvation daily in fear and trembling for God is Holy. We serve and worship, in Spirit and in Truth, a Perfect and Holy God. There is no other but our God. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three persons in One Eternal Creator God.

God will be God Forever. Jesus is God. No one can get to Father God in Heaven unless they first recognize and receive Father God’s Only begotten Son born of a Virgin conceived by The Holy Spirit’s Hovering over Mary, The Mother of God.

We who receive and believe sincerely that Jesus is Lord desiring to walk in God’s Ways and in His Will being renewed, cleansed and filled day by day by Jesus’ Holy Spirit are indeed the Children of God. We are The Remnant. We are God’s workmanship. The Signature of God. Jesus has Sealed us by His Holy Spirit. Wisdom calls out to us and reminds us that we must have a Holy Reverential Fear of Creator God for that is Wisdom beginning to reside within us. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.”

God has a a keen sense of humor. Not very long ago David was remarking that he wished he had a better sounding last name besides his own, which is also now mine, ORTS. I said I liked it! I had known before marrying him that it was a Dutch surname. The Holy Spirit had revealed it to me. What I hadn’t known and was soon delighted to discover, was that our shared last name Orts meant: scraps, tidbits, leftovers or The REMNANT! Wow, was I stunned when Holy Spirit downloaded that revelation from HEAVEN to me. The Orts Family is The Remnant Family. David and I embrace all in Christ Jesus as our Forever Family. Jesus said, “Those who do the Will of My Father in Heaven are my mother, my brother, my sister.”

Are you in my family, The Remnant Family? We are all considered God’s Family if we seek to obey the will of Father God. Jesus wants you to be His Family! God wants His Forever Family to be as large as possible. Jesus doesn’t want any of His Brothers or Sisters who are also Father God’s Sons and Daughters, to be eternally separated from Him or from Abba, Daddy God. Our Father, our Heavenly Papa, our Dad wants only Good things to befall His kids not bad things. But God will use hardships and trials as Godly, Fatherly discipline to prove that we are His Legitimate Children. The Storms will come but God will be walking in them with us to calm either the storms or us. May God’s Holy and Perfect will be done in each and every one of us.

Every nation has a portion of God’s Family, The Remnant, New Wine Skins, within its borders. Jesus’ Holy Spirit is birthing His EndTime Kingdom Temple. We, who are The Living Stones, are indwelt by Jesus Holy Spirit. We, as Living Stones, are firmly set upon and covered by Jesus Who is The Cornerstone and our Everything. I believe that the physical Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem is not an actual building but is God’s Family on earth. The Temple that will be rebuilt is us, The Remnant Church. Jesus’ Holy Spirit is our mortar and Jesus is Our Foundation Cornerstone (Alpha=Beginning) as well as our Capstone (Omega=End.)

Time is God’s Creation. When the fulfillment of The Gentiles (non Jewish lineage) has come in, when all the Jewish eyes have been opened, when all the humans on the face of the earth will have received their last chance to accept God’s Free Gift of Salvation by believing in their hearts and confessing with their mouths that, “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD GOD IN THE FLESH!” Then, Jesus will return.

But before that Day of The Lord’s return, the Bible says there will be Great Tribulation such as the world has never seen and will never see again. There will be wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes in strange places, eclipses, volcanic eruptions, smoke, fire, the stars will fall from heaven and the sun will be turned black and the moon will turn blood red. Everything will be shaken. The entire physical earth and heaven above will be shaken. We on this earth may have everything in our lives shaken. May our Faith in God remain. May our Courage in Christ Jesus remain.

Be on the look out for “The Two Witnesses.” They will be arriving to the world stage soon to Glorify Jesus with Biblical Signs and Wonders showering judgements from God upon the Tares of the Enemy and upon all who remain unrepentant at war against Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Jesus Our Lord God and King. Just like Moses versus Pharoah. We will, all who remain, witness a repeat of historic proportions and even greater ones because Jesus has gone before us to Father God on our behalf.

Before Jesus returns, The Anti-Christ will be announced. Openly, the false Messiah, the insufficient and fraudulent replacement for Jesus, will arrive on the global stage and will be proclaimed to all mankind as “The Answer” or as “The Solution.”

God told me, over 10 years ago now, to tell USA what to expect regarding the identity of The Anti-Christ.

The True Savior, Jesus, God in the flesh, appeared to me at the end of a very vivid dream in which the Anti-Christ had appeared to me. The Anti-Christ was shown clearly and definitely to be Barack Hussein Obama. Barack suddenly appeared standing in my house* (Interpretation: The Church=My House) uninvited while I was giving a Bible study. Obama stood first in the dining room (Interpretation: Rooms represent different parts or denominations of The Church Body) where everyone had been seated around the table. The Anti-Christ Obama made everyone scatter and flee in fear. (Interpretation:The Corporate Worship of Creator God will become outlawed and house churches will have to go underground or behind private closed doors for fear of persecution by The Anti-Christ.) In this dream, the previously well lit and colorful setting, left in the presence of this evil man who was both human and demonic beast.

Suddenly everything turned pale and grey, muted and colorless. I was now alone with the Anti-Christ. The Holy Spirit was still with me telling me what to do. Holy Spirit warned me to not let the children return to jump and play on the bed in the master bedroom because Satan had done something to make it unsafe for children to be in there. (Interpretation:Pregnant and nursing mothers will be very vulnerable to the Anti-Christ’s attacks.)

I was now very afraid because there he was, the evil false messiah, satan incarnate, was standing in front of me with pure evil in his eyes.

Obama walked from room to room claiming the house was his. (Interpretation:Desolation of abomination is Satan Incarnate in the body of The Anti-Christ, Barack Obama, falsely declaring himself to be “God” in The Church (House), standing in The Holy Temple (The Body of Christ) and falsely declaring the Church belongs to him and not to Jesus.)

In the kitchen there was to be a final showdown. The brilliant color returned to my surroundings as I said, standing toe to toe with Obama by the unction of The Holy Spirit, Christ in me The Hope of Glory speaking through me, “This is my house, not yours. This is my kitchen. This is not yours.” I began to pray in tongues in the Power of The Holy Spirit. Obama, being now completely possessed by Satan Lucifer Apollyon, began to mock me and prayed in false tongues. (Interpretation: False Signs and Wonders will be performed by Satan and his false prophet the Black Pope by Fallen Angel and alien demonic entities.)

The evil was palpable penetrating from Obama’s eyes attempting to pierce into mine. I then repeatedly, loudly, declared and plead the Blood of Jesus upon myself (Interpretation: I represented the Remnant Church and those who may be attacked, martyred or spared and hidden by Holy Angels of God or by Jesus Himself) and declared Victory by The Blood of Jesus. It was then that Jesus appeared and told me that I was mandated to share this with USA, “Obama’s family is fake. Obama’s marriage is a sham. And Barack Obama is The Anti-Christ spoken of in the Bible.”

I was shown even more regarding Martyrdom of The Saints but I will leave it for another time. Sometime soon I will share more as led by Jesus’ Holy Spirit, with you my Forever Family, The Endtime Remnant. We are told to remain standing even if all we can do is to stand. We must stand for Jesus sharing The Gospel not denying His Name no matter what it may cost us.

Jesus will not return for a weak Church, for an unbelieving Church or for a sleeping Church. NO! Jesus will return for a Triumphant Church! Triumph comes by winning, by persevering, by remaining courageous and strong never caving in to deceptive, illusive power or prestige with false guarantees by false guarantors promising futile, future corrosive and ultimately completely worthless gains. Destruction is all that awaits Satan and those that serve him. Conversely, Triumph awaits The Church Remnant because Victory has already been attained by Jesus our Lord God and Warrior King of all Kings.

Triumph is earned by fighting a battle. I resolutely believe that we are in the very last generation. We who are here now are in the Final Endtime Battle for souls which occurs simultaneously with the Final Endtime Harvest of souls for Christ Jesus’ Eternal Kingdom. The Seals of Heaven are being placed upon every true Child of God right now! The Mark of The Beast is right around the corner. I am begging you. Please do not take the mRNA “jab!” Jesus Holy Spirit has shown me that, in just a few more steps (upgrades) the nano biotechnology injected within each person willing to receive it and worship (honor) it, will become the actual Biblical Anti-Christ’s mark of The Beast which is listed in the Bible. Please do not reject Jesus? No matter what the consequences are to not taking the mark, they are not worth losing your eternal soul. Please do not take it. Please do not let your family members or loved ones take it! If you or your loved ones have been deceived and have taken one shot, do not take a second. If you have already taken two shots, do not take a third. Do not be deceived! The mark of The Beast, when fully functional, will not only change a person’s physical DNA but their spiritual DNA as well! God has shown me conclusively that there is Fallen Angel DNA hiding within the ingredients being used in the manufacturing process of the mRNA “vaccines.” The vaccine does NOT confer immunity but does cause infection upon injection. Holy Spirit has shown me that the mRNA vaccines are the precursor leading up to and evolving into the Biblical “Mark of The Beast.” I believe taking the Mark of The Beast and worshipping Satan denying Jesus Christ as Lord God in the flesh is the only unforgivable sin and is the ultimate eternally unforgivable sin which is called The Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit.

Jesus Holy Spirit has led me to do much research using medical documentation as well as giving me spiritual discernment and Wisdom and Revelation through dreams, visions and through the written and Rhema spoken Word of The Lord.

Do not despise prophecy or God’s true Prophets and true Prophetesses. Do not harm His Prophets or His Children!

Jesus has shown me that President Donald Trump was lied to about the mRNA vaccines. Pray for him! God is going to reinstate him publicly very soon! Jesus showed me that President Trump was somehow privately reinstated sometime between Passover and Pentecost of this year. May 17th, 2021 was Pentecost in Israel and it lasted until May 18th, 2021 here in the “diaspora” of USA. I know that most Churches celebrated Pentecost on May 23rd, 2021 this year, just three days ago now. All I can say is what I heard Jesus’ Holy Spirit say to me.

Jesus also showed me that June 3rd, 2021 would be significant in the church receiving written permission, an Official Declaration to fight back against her anti-Christ enemies found everywhere in the world. I believe God is going to use POTUS45 to enact Executive Orders which will have a global impact. I believe our US Military will be used to help defend loyal God fearing Americans and will help us all to uphold and to protect our God given Constitutional Freedoms, our homes, our livelihoods and our very lives.

God has revealed to me that He is going to do something big on The Fourth of July 2021 regarding the return of President Donald Trump and regarding the RETURN and the future preservation of our TRUE FREEDOM USA!!! Be expectant and prayed up! Do not ever be scared, but be prepared: Bible, water, food, fuel, clothes, shoes, blankets candle, bug spray…fishing poles, firearms…you get the idea right?

This world and its global governmental system is the domain of the fallen Satan and his Fallen Ones. But Jesus is Returning to take it all back, to punish the wicked and to reward The Faithful. in the meantime, the responsibility of holding our ground and not allowing the enemy of God to destroy God’s True Remnant Church, falls upon all of us who have received Jesus’ Holy Spirit and have been mandated to take part in fulfilling the Great Commission. This is a real war. Good versus evil. And Good will win in the end. God wins. Jesus told us so and showed us so by RISING FROM THE DEAD HOLDING THE KEYS OF DEATH AND HELL IN VICTORY CONQUERING DEATH AND HELL ONCE AND FOR ALL! Hallelujah to The Lamb of God! Hallelujah to Jesus our King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords! Praise You Jesus! Yeshua Ha Mashiach! .

We who seek Truth, we who desire Life and Freedom for ourselves as well as for all nations, know The Truth. Jesus is The Truth, The Way and The Life. We choose Jesus.

David and I are working to relaunch something soon. David and I cherish your prayers for us and our family. We pray for all of you daily, whether we’ve interacted with you formerly via Twitter, Facebook, or through our PushBackNow radio call in show. However we have connected with you, please know that you remain included in our daily prayers until Jesus, The Warrior KING of all Kings and Lord of all Lords returns to rescue Israel and transforms us in a twinkling of an eye… until then, keep looking up, standing strong, remaining Bold and Courageous not backing down in the Power of Jesus’ Holy Spirit remaining Faithful to Jesus, not denying His Name, not taking the Mark of the Beast and never worshipping the anti-Christ, standing firm in Jesus until The End. You are not alone! You are not forgotten. God has a plan for your life. Jesus loves you and so do we! Pass it on!-In Jesus’ Agape Love, Michelle Orts w/ husband Reverend David Orts

PS. David and I have recently joined Steve Shultz’s alternative social media site: as free members, so if you join, look us up and “friend” us! We have created two ministry groups and a page over there as well:




Join us online!

We won’t be silenced. We won’t back down. “Greater is He that is in me (us) than he that is in the world.”

Mrs. Michelle Orts, Prophetic Music Minister w/ husband Reverend David A. Orts

Pixabay Free License to use.

Published by Michelle Katherine Orts

Singer/Songwriter Prophetic Dreamer Visionary Scribe Minister for The Lord Jesus Christ The King of Kings. Wife. Mom. Researcher and Lifelong Student of all things True, Good, Beautiful, Holy and Honorable. Jesus Holy Spirit is my Teacher. I like to create and grow: music, food, love, joy, health, wealth. I have a wide variety of unusual interests from studying biology, pathology, theology and bio-nanotechnology to learning how to grow trees from seed.

4 thoughts on “Signature Signs – Satan’s Attempt To Silo and Silence God’s Servants

    1. Thank you. All Praise, Glory and Honor goes to Our Warrior King Jesus, The Lion of Judah! God Bless you for reading and commenting and May Yeshua Ha Mashiach richly bless you and all your family members with answered prayers for household Salvation, Deliverance Healing, Anointing and Appointing by Jesus’ Holy Spirit Himself. Be filled to overflowing with Jesus Agape Love.-Michelle Orts w/husband Reverend David Orts

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      1. I have another comment which has to be made.

        I was walking on the broad road when a chance meeting with a lady preacher from Greece changed me and I accepted Jesus in His commandments and repented.

        Later I worked for Christian Unity where the orthodox, catholic and Protestant denominations like Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist etc met and prayed together. I also started studying Prophecy.

        Today I find that the core Prophecy is the same throughout Christendom viz Prayer and Repentance. However the Born Again Prophecy is a class above and I wonder why is this group has been selected for Prophecy with such depth ? My answer is that they have opened their hearts to receive and understand what they receive and find their 444prophecynews Excellent though discernment is required in all cases.

        When Jesus first came to earth and was born of a virgin arrangements were required to receive Him. Who would do this ? Surely not the Pharisees !
        Hence a group of Holy Jews the Essenes were praying, fasting on earth to make way for His coming
        My view is the Born Again are doing the same for His second coming as I hardly see others do so.

        Having said all this I say that I have just come across your Prophecy, the Prophecy of Orts, and say that your Prophecy is the best No 1 in entire Christendom as per my subjective assessment

        God bless you both, A 🍑 peachy day to you and please keep me and my family in Prayer as we too are strongly in prayer for the lost. Its now or never for them.


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